Pricing and Fees

Pricing and Fees
There are many things to consider when evaluating a martial arts school, including how much training will cost. But cost should not be the only thing to consider.

Finding the right instructor, one that fills the needs of the student and guides the student in a manner conducive to learning the ‘art’ as well as the fighting technique, is equally important.

Our instructors are part of a greater martial arts ‘family’ – the students family. We pride ourselves on nurturing not only great martial artists, but also a great community of people.

What type of facility is offered for training?
We have recently purchased and renovated a brand new training facility to provide the best possible environment to learn martial arts.

Our founder, grandmaster Chu Ma is at the school every day and leads most classes himself. Most schools do not have their masters teach at all.

Our pricing is competitive and more reasonable than most schools offering half as much.

Pricing depends on the type of program the student chooses, as well as the frequency of attendance.

We find that we can offer a plan for most anyone coming in to talk to us about joining. We are flexible and are willing to work with prospective students to make their dream of learning martial arts come true. Please call or drop in to discuss your needs with us. We’re more than happy to listen and offer you a way to join our program.