Q. What is the cost of tuition?

A. Students who commit to a longer timeframe for classes will pay less per class than those who want a shorter-term contract.

Q. How quickly will I earn a Black belt?

A. We will work with you to set goals. Our focus is not on a timeline, but on accomplishment. Ideally, students will come to class three times a week, but that is not always possible.

Q. What can I expect from studying Traditional Korean Martial Arts?

A. Traditional Korean Martial Arts use breathing, concentration and meditation techniques to improve the health of mind and body. This develops internal power which requires a great amount of focus. You will succeed with self-discipline, hard work and practice.

Traditional Korean Martial Arts is one of the most complete martial arts systems and is dedicated to the cultivation of mental and  physical strength. Unlike other martial arts, this is not a competitive sport. It focuses on the science and psychology of a physical encounter using circular and linear movements to counter an opponent’s force.