Our Dojang!

We practice in a brand newly remodeled training hall which features premium matting, wall mirrors, comfortable changing rooms for men and private changing rooms for women, multiple washrooms, large comfortable viewing are for family and friends, and an onsite store to purchase uniforms, sparring equipment etc.

There are many things to consider when evaluating a martial arts school, including how much training will cost. But cost should not be the only thing to consider.

Here is an interesting article that talks about martial arts pricing in the context of programs being offered. It is worth reading.


What type of facility is offered
for training?
We have recently purchased and renovated a brand new training facility to provide the best possible environment to learn martial arts.

Our studio has a comfortable waiting area for parents with free wi-fi. We know that dropping off your kids for martial arts lessons takes time out of your day, why not be productive? Work on your laptop, or relax - your younger children can do homework while the older children attend class.

Every student is part of an online student management program which allows students to check their progress, pay fees, buy equipment and email others in the program.

We offer changing rooms with professional gym lockers (each has it's own combination lock) to keep gear and uniforms.

Our Heating and Air Conditioning unit was recently upgraded and provides a cool environment in the summer and warm in winter - all for the benefit of our students.

We have two mats to work out on, not only one, as most schools. This allows us to break students into smaller groups focusing on their individual needs.

Our founder, grandmaster Chu Ma is at the school every day and leads most classes himself. Most schools do not have their masters teach at all.