About Us




Our traditional Korean Martial Art School was founded by Chu Seup Ma. “Master Ma”, was born in a small village in South Korea on the ninth day of the ninth lunar month in 1954. His family wanted to give him more opportunity than he would have had growing up there, so he was sent to a city to continue his education. He served three years in the South Korean army, instructing the infantry in the martial art of Tae Kwon Do.

In the 1980’s, he came to the United States. Now, as an 8th degree black belt, he instructs both young people and adults in HapKiDo, a martial art form that emphasizes the balance between the physical and mental coordination.

Master Ma helps his students understand that each of us has untapped, maybe unlimited power---but it isn’t a force to be used in violence. He says some of the newer and younger students still think they are learning “how to fight.” Master Ma says he feels successful when he sees those students alter their perspective from one of violence to one of self-assurance and humble submission. His style of teaching is very different from the western traditions of competition and continual emphasis on earning higher and higher belt colors---an outward sign of accomplishment.

The focus on developing good martial artists caused Master Ma to make an important distinction in his teaching method: He is the sole instructor, from beginner to black belt. “In many other martial arts schools, the masters teach only the most accomplished students. But when the objective is developing good martial artists, the foundation is very important,” says Master Ma Our school has been located in the Geneva / St. Charles area for over 10 years, and is unique in that we teach tradition as well as modern techniques.