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8 years old
fav game: Minecraft
fav toy: Nerf blaster
fav color: red
fav super hero: Batman
fav food: lasagna
fav class at school: P.E.

Featured Student!

Beginning today, our school will showcase some of our talented students. Our first student to be featured is Bryce.

Bryce started when he was almost 5 years old. On the first day he didn't want to take his socks off but he soon found out that wearing socks on the mat was too slippery! He was excited when he got his first uniform and belt (white).

Then he learned the first form and he was on his way. Over a couple of years he learned the additional forms one by one as he advanced through the belts colors. He was surprised when he was able to break the board at his first belt testing (moving from white to yellow). Bryce marked his progress by displaying his belts on the wall in his bedroom.



When it came time to test for the Black Belt, Bryce was nervous. With the help of the other Black Belts at the school he gained confidence and though it was hard, he made it through. He now looks forward to learning new things and helping his little sister on her Martial Arts journey.

Fall and Winter CLASSES! Join us for HapKiDo classes in our newly remodeled training hall. We have two mats and the largest space in the tri-cities area, offering a comfortable, well lit environment to learn authentic martial arts. Our waiting area offers free wi-fi, comfortable seats and couches, tables, and a large viewing window. If you are an adult new to martial arts, or someone who studied years ago and is interested in returning to martial arts, our school is for you. If you you have children that would benefit from martial arts training, by all means, come to our school and see the facility yourself. We offer many childrens, and tweens classes, Monday thru Saturday.

We offer many different programs to chose from, including free introductory classes, discounts on uniforms and more. We are conveniently located at the corner of Randall Rd. and Dean St. in St. Charles.

For more information on our programs, email us at: info@fourelementsmartialarts.com.

Martial arts is also a great way to stay in shape, get fit and enjoy the many benefits of excersise. Learn how to deal with stress, relax and gain mind body balance.

See you at the dojang!