Hapkido is a dynamic and eclectic Korean martial art. It is a form of self-defense that employs joint locks, techniques of other martial arts, as well as kicks, punches, and other striking attacks. Weaponary is also taught and practiced.

Our Founder
Grandmaster Chu S. Ma is a nationally recognized grandmaster in HapKiDo, and has taught in the tri cities area for decades, creating a form of martial art that draws from many discipines to create a unique, well balanced system of self defense that is suited to adults and children.

Private Lessons Available!

Call (847) 239-3789 for more information and to schedule an appointment.


Belt Testing

Color belt and Black belt testing will be held Saturday, August 23rd, 2014. This will bring to a close a solid summer session. For this testing session we will split into three groups based on age. You are encouraged to come early or to stay later to watch other groups, though it is not required. Please be quiet when entering as not to disturb other test sessions.

Belt Testing Schedule

9:00am to 9:30am - Freestyle Warmup & Assistance
9:30am to 10:20am - Kids
10:20am to 10:30am - Demonstrations
10:30am to 11:20am - Adults
11:20am to 11:30am - Demonstrations
11:30am to 12:30pm - Black Belts

Cardio Kickboxing is here!

It's a calorie burning, stress relieving, energizing, waist slimming, strength developing, fund and exciting TOTAL BODY WORKOUT!

Summer is right around the corner, come on in and get into shape. Classes are in progress. Cost is only $12 per class or $10 with a 10 punch card.

Drop by the school, or call 630 -377-3400 for more information.