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9 years old

toy:  nerf guns

color:  yellow

Ryan's superhero is God, he loves him.  He is grateful for what Jesus did on the cross for him

food:  Chicken Nuggets

class:   Social Studies

loves to visit his Pop in California

Featured Student!


Ryan has always had a love of running, jumping, cart wheeling, and high kicking.    Ryan loves life, friends, Jesus, and learning.   

He always has a smile on his face and cares deeply for others.   He began Tae Kwon Do three years ago at a studio in South Elgin.   Our family had just moved to St. Charles from Atlanta and we were looking for some yummy Chinese food.  

We had seen a sign on a retail store from Randall Road and thought it was a Chinese takeout restaurant, only to discover it was a martial arts studio.   

We thought this would be something Ryan would enjoy and called to enroll in a trial period.   

Ryan took his time to see if this was something he could master and a few weeks later he was hooked.    

Ryan began taking 4 to 5 classes a week sometimes taking two classes in one day and fully dedicated himself to the discipline of Tae Kwon Do.  In two years, he had moved up the ranks to a brown belt and began to take seriously the training of becoming a black belt in Martial Arts.    

Shortly after receiving his brown belt, the studio announced their decision to move.   

The studio was leaving the South Elgin area and heading north, although saddened by this news, Ryan wanted to continue learning.    

Our family happened to stumble upon Hapkido when Ryan's mom was at Fox Valley Orthopedic.  

She kept seeing the sign for Hapkido and decided to meet Grandmaster Ma and Hans.  

After one visit, Ryan knew this was the place for him.  

It has been a wonderful studio and Ryan has so loved learning the art of Martial Arts.   

He enjoys the learning from his teachers and has grown so much both in strength as well as maturity for understanding the language of Tae Kwon Do.    

Ryan loves his classes, spending time in the studio, leaning weapons, understanding the Martial Arts Culture, and all his friends.


Fall and Winter CLASSES! Join us for HapKiDo classes in our newly remodeled training hall. We have two mats and the largest space in the tri-cities area, offering a comfortable, well lit environment to learn authentic martial arts. Our waiting area offers free wi-fi, comfortable seats and couches, tables, and a large viewing window. If you are an adult new to martial arts, or someone who studied years ago and is interested in returning to martial arts, our school is for you. If you you have children that would benefit from martial arts training, by all means, come to our school and see the facility yourself. We offer many childrens, and tweens classes, Monday thru Saturday.

We offer many different programs to chose from, including free introductory classes, discounts on uniforms and more. We are conveniently located at the corner of Randall Rd. and Dean St. in St. Charles.

For more information on our programs, email us at: info@fourelementsmartialarts.com.

Martial arts is also a great way to stay in shape, get fit and enjoy the many benefits of excersise. Learn how to deal with stress, relax and gain mind body balance.

See you at the dojang!